The Henley kitchen: From classic to contemporary and everything in-between, high quality oak cabinetry with sleek Black-Bronze hardware.


IN A NUTSHELL: Sophisticated yet demure, cutting-edge, a future classic

CABINETS: Oak, tulipwood and plywood

STANDARD COLOUR: Unpainted oak, protected with IsoGuard; Snow


CATCHES: Magnetic Black-Bronze


Hidden drawers

More drawers that hide within other drawers. Like inside our bin cabinet so you have somewhere to store liners rather than under the sink.

Cutlery insert

Henley features our Black-Bronze dividing prisms and oak insert. Together they create a beautiful storage framework, but also the option to move things about, to configure and to organise as you see fit.

Cornice & skirting

Choose between curves for a more traditional look or our squarer, more pared-back skirting and cornices if you want your Henley kitchen to be more crisp and contemporary. 

Slim spaces

Pull-out cabinets, chopping block and tray slots, tea towel rails - these are all slim space concepts that are excellent at filling gaps, or for framing key components such as a cooker. Even the smalles design has the potential for high performance.

Pull-out larder

Henley and Limehouse share a similar larder design with an oak rack that folds out to give you as much versatile, layered storage space as possible. 

Pan drawers

Henley’s our only collection that has our Black-Bronze fixtures on the inside, like the rods that line our pan drawers to stop the oak from getting scuffed.